About CoLyfeRaw.com and Customer Service

    Welcome to the CoLyfeRaw.com flagship gift website!  Here, we aim to bring you unique gift items from many places, and licensed artists' work that will help make gift giving a beautiful, unique, rewarding, and artsy experience.

    Throughout internet endeavors, our passion to explore and discover unique gift items never left us.  Join us in our excitement as we embark on an additional journey- celebrate with us on the grand opening of CoLyfeRaw.com!

    • CoLyfeRaw.com hair, skin, and nails beauty products are sourced raw from environmentally friendly companies and carefully encased into the beautiful packaging you like.
    • We offer additional products aimed at helping to lighten your spirits and know that we may not know you, but we care.  We hope you will enjoy them all.
    Frequently asked questions
    • What is your turnaround time for custom or printed on demand products?

    We understand that you want your products shipped out as quickly as possible. It is also imperative to know in what time frame they will arrive to your doorstep. During off-peak months orders are processed within 5-6 business days and ready for shipping. During peak seasonal months, orders are processed within 9-12 business days and ready for shipping.

    • What shipping service do you use for custom or printed on demand products?

    Domestic Orders
    The package is delivered to your door by USPS. You will get your packages in an average of 5 days. You will also receive notification and tracking information when the order has shipped.

    • International Orders

    We use International Priority Airmail (“IPA”). IPA travels by air then as priority in-country. The average transit time is 9-13 Days and this service is available throughout the world. You will also receive notification and tracking information when the order has shipped.

    • What shipping service do you use for other products?

    Domestic and International orders
    We use USPS for all other products such as jewelry, moisturizers, etc.: all non-print and demand products.  We reserve the right not to fulfill orders from countries deemed not safe or that otherwise would compromise our e-commerce service and obligation to our customers.  Please stay tuned.

    • Orders ship by USPS.
    • Prefer a different or even a faster shipping option such as Express Mail,  UPS, FedEx, or Priority Mail Guaranteed International?  Please contact us.
    Scheduled shipping times for non-print on demand products
    • Unless otherwise stated, jewelry orders ship in 2-4 weeks.
    • Moisturizer orders usually ship within 24 hours to 5 business days.


    • We have a host of free items variations to offer you- here, and also in the works.
    Retail items.  Unique items you will love. 

    Know of a retail item we should carry?  Let us know.  We are here to provide unique products to brighten you, your family, and friends' day!  Enjoy!  Contact: colyferaw@gmail.com.


    • Accounts are optional and not required to make a purchase.


    • Orders can be placed on colyferaw.com using any valid credit card.  Paypal is an additional payment option.
    • From the time your order is placed every effort is made to get your order the highest priority it deserves.  Please be patient.  Your interest in our products is highly important to us.


    • CoLyfeRaw.com
      Box 451
      Plainsboro, NJ 08536
    • colyferaw@gmail.com

    Privacy Policy

    Our privacy policy can be found on all our pages.  See Quicklinks.

    Our Personal Thanks

    We are almost sobbing because this website has been a decade in the making.  Not even diabetese can stop God!  If you are a mixed person, we say a tearful welcome!  Always been told I am not black enough, never truly been accepted in one group or the other.  It seemed I just existed until I came into my own and started to find ways to "gift" to others.

    Here, we celebrate and cherish all people.

    Does my experience resonate with you on any level?  "Here's looking at you, kid!"

    Some of you, my hair extensions clients, may remember how CoLyfeRaw got started: in a little apartment between the living room and kitchen!  There we came up with natural, and almost miraculous discoveries for dry hair, skin, and nails- even loc removal cream.  Protect!  Protect! Protect!  

    Now look at God!  We are in the gift-giving business too because of prayer and how passionate we are about our mission.

    We received an email about a potential business collab with our Remy line.  Is it for real?  We will keep you posted!

    Online Training

    Online training will become available this year.  Check back often.  Hands on Brazilian knots training is ongoing.  Please stay tuned.


    The 50% RemyHairSales.com sales are over.  However contact us with what you would like to purchase and lets see if we can cut you a deal of your very own.  Just state the prices you would like to pay and if its reasonable, we will send you an in e-invoice to pay if you provide your email address, and it will be shipped out to you within 5 business days. A screen shot of your shopping cart are preferred but not necessary.

    Use the contact information available for the respective websites.  Remy hair is If you would like to experience buying Remy hair on this site also please let us know.  Thank you for stopping by.  

    Don't forget to grab a gift item on colyeraw.com before you leave!