His and Hers Keychains 3in - Keychain Furballs For Cars and Everyone

  • $9.97

His and hers pompom keychains/ key ring, pendant, bag, and choker charm- its uses are endless.  Available in many vibrant and neutral colors including: sapphire blue, light brown, peach, white, pink, hot pink, yellow, mint green, light purple, dark purple, red, wine, and beige.  New manufacturer with more beautifully fluffy and heavier balls.


    • PomPom size: 3in+.
    • Ball material: faux rabbit fur.
    • Key chain material: 10K gold plated.

    Pompom uses: key chain/ car key ring, purse/ bag charm, belt charm, choker charm, pendant, and more, or just play with the furball.

    Pompom additional uses- how to:

    • instant 'pop' of color- makes a great accessory.
    • forgot to buy your love a gift.
    • 'something blue'... check!
    • brightens a gloomy day or clothes.
    • perfect over your bag strap or pocket book.
    • perfect- strap over a choker.
    • hook over your belt.
    • hang over wall art.
    • hang over corner of your tv.
    • Touching ball to the nose and cheeks -couples therapy.  We now call it Kaamon.

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